Queue Rules

Stiftelsen BMSL pre-school and school are both open to everyone.

Your date of registration is also your queue number. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address.

Each year-group forms their own queue.

In order for your child to be in the queue, you must inform us of their date of birth. This does not require their last four numbers.

We use sibling priority if spaces are available in pre-school and school, provided the siblings are registered in the queue.

The following selection rules are followed when allocating places to the pre-school and school:

1. Children that have attended Stiftelsen BMSL pre-school
2. Siblings to pupils at Stiftelsen BMSL school (based on queue registration date)
3. Other pupils (based on queue registration date)

Please remember to update your e-mail address via the link that you will receive when you register your child/children in our queue. Please save this link! If we do not have your correct e-mail address you could miss the offer of a place as well as annual confirmation of your place in the queue.

Your child will be removed from the queue if:

You decline a place. This includes children with sibling priority.
We are not able to reach you through the contact details you have supplied.
You do not answer an offer for a place within the set time limit.
You do not confirm your registration according to the process below.

Update of the queue
Every year we complete the following process to ensure that we have up to date queues for our pre-school and school.

1. A mail is automatically sent out to the e-mail address provided at the time of registration.

2. The first mail goes out on the 15th of November and requests confirmation that you would like your child to remain in the queue.

3. If we donít hear from you a first reminder will be sent out on the 25th of November and a second and final reminder will be sent out on the 2nd of December.

4. If no response is received your child will be removed from the queue after a further five days.

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